Miniml Price Increases
I received notification at the end of September that Miniml are having to pass on their increasing costs to us. Which means, I’m afraid, I will need to increase our prices too.
We’ve all seen or heard about price increases and manufacturing is no exception. Raw material costs for Miniml have increased significantly and they have tried to absorb them so far as possible: but they can’t absorb them all: and neither can I.
New Products:
In more positive news, I will be adding the new Coconut Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash when it is time to place my next order. Those will come in when I am ready to place the next order – that may be a few weeks off as I put in a decent sized order just before the increases to cushion the blow.  It’s safe to say that Miniml were very busy that week as I was not the only buyer who did the same!
That “stocking up” also means you won’t notice immediate price changes. With the products that take longer to use up (such as toilet or floor cleaner) you won’t notice the increase initially. With our faster moving products, such as Multi-Surface Cleaner & Laundry Liquid, those price changes will come in more quickly.
What the increases look like:

(PER 100ML)


(PER 100ML)

Body Wash & Bubble Bath £0.70 £0.77
Conditioner (Hair) 0.70 £0.77
Fabric Conditioner £0.25 £0.29
Floor Cleaner £0.50 £0.55
Hand Soap £0.60 £0.66
Hand & Body Lotion £1.10 £1.13
Laundry Liquid £0.35 £0.40
Multi-Surface Cleaner £0.30 £0.33
Rinse Aid £0.35 SAME
Shampoo £0.70 £0.77
Toilet Cleaner £0.35 £0.38
Washing-Up Liquid £0.32 £0.36
White Vinegar £0.21 SAME



On a personal level, it was hard to work out what to do & how to manage it in a very short space of time (we had very little warning).  Increasing purchase quantities makes no difference with Miniml.  There are some instances where I have teamed up with others to manage price increases where it DOES make a difference (such as Ecovibe). 
I remain convinced, however, that the products are good quality & still good value, even with upcoming increases.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Please let me know if you have any questions!