Tesco have recently announced recycling points at it’s stores for soft plastic. Is this the answer?

I’ve been collecting up our “unavoidable” and hard to recycle bags for some time now – frozen food bags, crisp packets, bread bags and so forth. Once I have a largish pile they get sorted and dispatched for recycling (e.g. Lymm Library have a crisp packet recycling box you should check out when it is open again).  It can be a faff, so it’s good to know that Tesco is seeking to tackle this waste mountain by making it easier to recycle items that often just end up in the bin.

The supermarket has begun rolling out soft plastic recycling points to 171 stores in the South West of England and Wales, with plans to roll out to all large stores nationwide. It will provide a network of points dedicated to the collection of soft plastic.

Having tried “Plastic Free July” I can attest to just how hard it is to eradicate these items from your shop.  Below is a list of the most common items to be returned to the supermarket during the trial – and my comments!

  • Bread bags – we do bake our own – but do still buy now and again;
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging  – we find veg boxes, taking reusable fruit & veg bags to the supermarket, saying “no bags” on notes on online shops and growing our own really help to reduce this pile;
  • Crisp packets – we tried making our own crisps – epic fail…! 
  • Salad bags – don’t start me on bags of salad leaves… Buy a lettuce – it will last longer for a start!
  • Pet food pouches – what happened to cans? We buy a large bag of biscuits & have ditched the wet food.

Once all the waste is collected at the stores it will be washed, sorted and processed before being turned into new packaging for food, household and beauty products.  Let’s hope that other supermarkets will follow suit soon – but also continue to look at ways of reducing excess packaging. Check out our shop for other solutions to the plastic mountain!