I love the products, they work perfectly and look so much nicer in my house than the supermarket stuff. I actually don’t mind having yours out on my worktop, which clears some cupboard space. What I love about your store (not just the way you deliver) is that I have to do none of the work sourcing it or mixing it.”
Testimonial from Stephanie – a regular Culcheth Customer

Our ethos is that making eco-friendly choices should be easy. Two choices you can make are to reduce plastic usage and use products that are biodegradable and free of polluting chemicals. We are here to help you do that. We deliver liquid eco-friendly household cleaning and body care products in refillable glass bottles. To create a zero-waste supply chain we fill – and refill – those bottles for you. Zero fuss for you – zero waste for us all.

We are also committed to cruelty free: our products are not just kind to our planet but our furry friends too. You can therefore feel confident that you are also playing a part in putting an end to animal testing.

In addition, you can order household “extras” such as biodegradable washing up sponges and bin bags. That range will expand over time to meet your needs. New items will only be stocked if they meet our eco-friendly and cruelty free ambitions.

We acknowledge that not all eco-friendly options are perfect but we believe that making a change to a product that is better for the environment is far better than making no change at all. We strongly believe that if we each – individually – make simple changes then – collectively – we can make a difference to our environment. We want you to be part of that.

From 1st September 2021 we have also introduced an additional climate positive action! For every 20 plastic bottles saved by The Refill Round customers we will fund the planting of a tree. Whilst we acknowledge that a sapling cannot replace a mature tree, we still believe in the importance of managed and sustainable reforestation projects. We have teamed up with Ecologi, who we believe will deliver that aspiration.


We are based in lovely Lymm in Cheshire, and in addition cover a variety of other areas – including High Legh. Thelwall, Grappenhall, Appleton, Stockton Heath,  parts of Warrington, Padgate, Gorse Covert, Birchwood, Culcheth, Croft and Glazebury. We will deliver directly to your door. We will leave the items in a safe place of your choosing, so that you don’t even need to come to the door. When you order again we will pick your used bottles up – leaving you with a new set of filled bottles. We ask that you leave your empty bottles out for us: just like a milk round.

The used bottles will be taken back to Refill Round HQ to be washed and sanitised in our dedicated bottle washer. We will refill them when you order again. Simple!



Getting on The Refill Round is simple. We currently deliver within parts of Cheshire and its borders to the following postcodes:
WA1, WA2, WA3, WA4, WA13, WA14, WA15, WA16, M31, M41, M44, CW8, CW9.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Pick your items and make your order by 7pm on Tuesday.  We cannot guarantee that orders placed after that time will be delivered that week – they will be delivered the following week if not. This is due to supplier delivery days and preparation time to fill the bottles.
A one-off deposit of £5 for the bottles is payable on your first order.  You only need to pay one deposit – it doesn’t matter how many liquid products you order.

Step 2

We fill the glass bottles with your order and come round on our delivery days (currently Thursday or Friday). We recommend you then decant the products into containers that you already have at home (your old washing up liquid or shampoo bottle for example).

On your second (third, fourth…) delivery we will pick up your empties and their caps and leave your new order with you. Just leave your empties out for us.
We take the empties back to Refill Round HQ to wash and sterilise. We refill them with our lovely eco-friendly products when you place your next order.



We ask you to give your empties a rinse before you put them out. The milkmen and women appreciate that – we do too! We will remind you to put the bottles out in a convenient location. And don’t forget that we need the lids too!

The one-off £5 glass bottle deposit paid on your first order will be repayable if you decide not to order again. We will pick the bottles up and refund you.



Floor cleaner, toilet cleaner and white vinegar are supplied in 500ml or 300ml bottles with a childproof cap (depending upon product). Otherwise, 250ml, 500ml or 1litre bottles with a standard metal cap are available, again depending on product. If you would like any particular 500ml product to be supplied with a child proof cap then just contact us to arrange it (subject to availability).


The current minimum order value is £10

The current minimum order value is £10.00 (not including delivery).

Delivery costs at present are:

£1 – WA13

£2 – WA1, WA2, WA3, WA4, WA15, WA16

£3 – WA14, M31, M41, M44, M41, CW8 & CW9

At present, last orders will be needed each week by 7pm Tuesday to be delivered on the Thursday or Friday of that week (depending on area). Orders made after 7pm Tuesday may have to be delivered the following week. This gives us time to fill and label your bottles and also ensure that we have enough stock and supplies for you all.  We are also dependent on the limited days our suppliers can deliver on.

Once orders are finalised for that week we will confirm the delivery day: but you do not need to be in – all you need to do when you checkout is tell us a safe place to leave the bottles.