New Price! Now £8.50 for a Long Handle Brush and Replacement Head combo. OR buy them separately.

This Long Handled Bamboo Dish Brush is made from 100% FSC sustainable bamboo. It has natural, sisal bristles which are fully biodegradable and will not release micro plastics into our water system. This plastic-free long handled dish brush is non-scratch, even on non-stick pans and removes stubborn and burnt-on foods as well as greasy deposits. You can save 50p if you buy both a long-handled dish brush AND replacement head as a pair.  You can also buy them separately.

To change your dish brush head simply pull down the small, metal retaining ring and open the arms to slot in the new head.   Just put the used head in the compost to decompose.

CARE: Caring for your dish brush will lengthen its life and save you money. Clean and dry out the brush and don’t submerge the handle in water for any length of time or place the brush in the dishwasher.