50ml or 100ml Atomiser Spray Bottles 

These reusable and sturdy little bottles are handy pocket, school bag or handbag size for use with Miniml’s 70% Alcohol Disinfectant Hand Rub.  Available in either 100ml or 50ml.  Please make sure you reuse them time and time again!

500ml Glass Bottle with Trigger Spray or Lotion Pump

These reusable 500ml Glass Bottles fit well with The Refill Round’s reuse and refill system.  They can be filled and refilled time and time again.

The Trigger Spray bottles are great for our cleaning products, such as Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, White Vinegar, Glass & Mirror Cleaner or Oven Cleaner.  The actual trigger spray style may differ slightly from the photograph as it depends what we are able to get from Miniml.

The Lotion Pump bottles are great for products such as the Miniml liquid hand wash.  Again, the style may vary slightly from the photograph.

Please make sure you are careful dispensing from glass bottles, particularly in the bathroom, where breakages can occur.

500ml Plastic Bottle with Lotion Pump

The bottle is made from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. Yep: it is made from other recycled bottles!  It has a simple and cool design that is perfect for around the sink or in the bathroom.  Perfect for one of the shampoos conditioners, body washes and body lotion that we stock.

Plastic Toilet Cleaner Bottle 

This reusable 1 Litre Wide Angle Neck Bottle fits well with The Refill Round’s reuse and refill system.  It can be filled and refilled and comes fitted with a small spout enclosed with a child-resistant cap.

Before purchasing we recommend checking that your current toilet cleaner bottle doesn’t already refill.  Many of them do and you may find that the spout on your old bottle is removable.  Check out our first “The Refill Round Does Life Hacks” video on our Facebook page (@RefillRound) for more information.


We will be happy to fill your newly purchased bottles for you on your order of 500ml of liquid products (please just leave a note when you checkout).  Future orders will, however, be delivered in our usual rinse & return bottles (deposit required for first order).  This is due to the careful cleaning & sanitising process we undertake of our rinse and return bottles.

Don’t forget to wash your bottles thoroughly in between use cycles with a small amount of washing up liquid and warm water.