Versatile & Reusable food wraps are an amazing alternative to single use plastic cling film and foil.  Each is approx 33cm x 33 cm and they are perfect for wrapping up your lunch, cheese, unused parts of vegetables, to seal jars or bowls, for your picnic food….  This beautiful poppy pattern is a  limited edition.  Once they are gone we will stock an alternative pattern.  They would also make a lovely gift.

Handmade by a lovely lady called Alison, she produces these food wraps as a vegan alternative to her beeswax food wraps (which we also stock).  Your wrap will be truly zero waste and will last ages if you look after it.  At the end of its life it can be composted.

To care for your wrap: after use, wash with a little soap under cold water and hang to dry.  Every 3 months place on a baking tray lined with baking paper in the oven set at 100 Degrees Celsius for just 3 minutes.  Then hang to cool.

DO NOT USE your wrap in the microwave or to wrap raw meat or fish.

Your food wrap can be cut into different sizes but once you have done that there is no going back – we recommend keeping it at the larger size to wrap anything from the smallest bit of cheese to the largest sandwich.