Degradable Refuse Sacks. They are plastic but contain an additive which enables them to degrade harmlessly and quickly (in as little as two years).  The biodegradable technology accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product is no longer a plastic. Instead, in the event it escapes into the environment,  it becomes a material which can be used as a food source by bacteria and fungi on land or sea –in the same way as a leaf. Please have a look at the “Supplier” section for more information and why we have decided to stock these d2w bags.

Approx size: 74cm x 86cm (29″ x 34″) Rim – 148cm (58″).  Capacity 70L

Warning – Do not store these bags in direct sunlight or a warm climate (eg car or warm garage). NOT intended for composting. They are recyclable.