Go loopy for loofah!  Swap plastic bath accessories for this sustainable, plastic free alternative.  Made from loofah plant layers it is 100% biodegradable and compostable, and will last for months.

It’s versatile too: it can be used as a natural exfoliator in the bath or shower: or a non-scratch way to scrub the dishes (we suggest you have separate ones for the shower and dishes…).

Please note: this is a natural, exfoliating product. Loofahs can vary in hardness and texture and may be rougher than synthetic bath accessories, although we have found it softens well and is lovely to use.  At Refill Round HQ we team ours with the Miniml Body Wash.

When it arrives the loofah will be hard, dry and flat. Wet with warm water and the loofah will puff out. It foams well and is ideal for cleaning. To keep the loofah fresh between uses, rinse and squeeze out excess water and hang dry from the cotton string loop.

The loofah plants used are sustainably farmed in Sri Lanka.