Our goal is to help you increase your use of eco-friendly and cruelty free products and reduce your use of plastic. We have chosen suppliers and products that will help you achieve that goal.

We currently stock eco-friendly products by Miniml, Ecovibe, Ecoliving, Alter/Native by Suma, d2w, The Sutcliffe Toothbrush Company, The Cheeky Panda Company, ABC and Superfly Soaps.

Whilst not a supplier in the strictest terms we have also now added Ecologi to the list. We have teamed up with them to “supply” trees! Starting in September 2021, for every 20 plastic bottles saved by The Refill Round Customers we will fund the planting of a tree, through one of Ecologi’s projects.

Not a supplier in the usual sense… But a supplier of sorts! Ecoligi create climate solutions – through funding tree planting projects, to solar farms, to protecting the rainforest.  They also want those who invest in their projects to be able to trust them implicitly.  They therefore ensure that they benchmark themselves against the highest available standards and provide transparency.  The Refill Round is supporting them in two ways:

1 – By offsetting it’s carbon footprint.  The Refill Round footprint in the first year of trading was approximately 6.6 tonnes.  To put this in context, I deliver using pedal power or car and switched to a second hand electric car in Autumn 2020. The carbon impact of that was an estimated 4.70 tonnes.  Had I used a petrol car for the same number of miles the carbon impact of that would have been 18.11 tonnes! I decided to offset 10 tonnes this year, however, as I like a round figure.  That’s equivalent to 30 metres squared of sea ice saved or 8 long haul flights.

2 – By helping to fund sustainable and managed tree planting projects.  As a member of the Woodland Trust and a volunteer at Spud Wood, in Lymm, I know how much work goes into maintaining a “man made” woodland.  It was important therefore to have confidence in the projects I supported.  I feel that I have that with Ecologi.  I have pledged to fund a tree for every 20 plastic bottles saved by customers refilling and look forward to seeing The Refill Round forest grow.

You can keep up with our progress here.

One of the fantastic benefits of Miniml is that they collect their 20L drums from us and clean  and refill them – creating a zero waste supply chain.  They  manufacture in their factory in Yorkshire using water from the Yorkshire Moors.  Their eco-friendly products are all Biodegradable, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Palm Oil Free.  The laundry products are also non-biological.  Added to this, we’re really pleased that their Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash are Sulphate free too, which is great if you have sensitive skin.

We love the fact that the Alter/Native products have only ever been tested on their employees! Apparently lots of their workforce volunteered to test their sample products and their feedback resulted in the final product. We can imagine it smelt very nice at their HQ too. None of the ingredients have been tested on animals and are they registered with the Vegan Society. Their 5L bulk containers are all made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are also fully recyclable. They are also working on a closed loop recycling system for their 20L containers. Their products are made in the UK and – like Miniml – they rely on Yorkshire water! It’s a good job they get plenty of rain up there.

When we looked into stocking Ecovibe we loved the fact that it was launched by a group of like-minded friends in Leeds whose guiding principle was that they wanted to enable people to source truly eco-friendly alternatives. Their focus is on cutting out plastic but they also consider the ethics, carbon-footprint and sustainability of all of their products. Like us, they know that going plastic-free is not easy and they accept (as do we) that they are not perfect. Their ethos that it’s about the small switches we make that can reduce our impact on the planet chimes well with our belief that individual actions add up to a collective response to the problems our environment faces. We stock their compostable sponges and scourers and have recently added their lovely deodorant too.  We will keep expanding the range.

These products are made of bamboo – but not the sort eaten by pandas!

Using bamboo, which grows 30 times faster than trees, means that The Cheeky Panda’s carbon footprint is significantly smaller than alternatives. For example they calculate that they produce 31% fewer carbon dioxide emissions per sheet compared to recycled toilet paper, and 65.5% less than virgin source toilet tissue. They also off set the carbon that they do produce through the World Land Trust and have focussed on supporting protection of a rainforest in Vietnam though this scheme.

They are not completely plastic free yet but that is their ambition by the end of 2020. We’re really pleased to be able to support them in that.  The Cheeky Panda reckon that there any many benefits to using bamboo – such as the fact that it creates less dust, which is better for people with sensitive skin or hay fever. (If you suffer from certain allergies like at Refill Round HQ you’ll already know that blowing your nose on standard tissues can actually make your nose run more because of the dust on them!) They make sure that their products are also free of fragrance, chlorine bleach and many other allergens. This means that they can also recommend them for use people suffering from conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, Eczema and Lichen Sclerosus.

Plus you can all breath deep too – bamboo absorbs up to 35% more carbon and produces 30% more oxygen than trees.  Their products are cruelty free and are free from all animal products.

Plastic bags are a tricky item. If we can do so we should use alternatives. Sometimes, however, they are hard to replace. There are therefore different products on the market which aim to reduce the impact of plastic bags (whether through production or its disposal). Unfortunately, none are perfect. We have decided that using an alternative product which is at least better for the environment is preferable to making no changes at all. We are therefore stocking a couple of types of bags produced by d2w. We use them at The Refill Round HQ as a replacement for our kitchen bin bags. Occasionally, we also use the black bin liners as garden waste bags (if we’re unable to dispose of the waste in an alternative way). They are plastic bags but they have an additive which enables them to degrade harmlessly.

D2W explained to us that their biodegradable technology accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product it is no longer a plastic. It becomes a material which can be used as a food source by bacteria and fungi on land or sea –in the same way as a leaf. If it is not recycled before the end of its useful life (and they are recyclable) and escapes into the environment then it will degrade and biodegrade. That means no toxic residues and no microplastics. We understand that this process can take as little as two years. Apparently even Buckingham Palace has converted their refuse bags sacks over to bags containing d2w – along with some a number of supermarkets, clothing brands and other companies.

We are really pleased to be able to support this small business, as well as promoting our aim of reducing plastic waste in the environment.

We stock a selection of handmade, beautifully patterned Beeswax and Vegan-Friendly Food Wraps made by the lovely Alison in Shropshire.  Each wrap measures approximately 33 x 33cm and is made from 100% cotton, soaked in either soy wax or pure beeswax, creating an anti-bacterial layer.

They are a fantastic reusable alternative to single use plastic cling film or foil.  They can be used to wrap and store cold food until needed, such as cheese, fruit/vegetables, slices of cake etc.  They are also perfect for wrapping your lunch-time sandwich or afternoon treat.

Alison has hives in various apiaries in Shropshire.  As part of good hive management, she replaces brood and honey frames every 2-3 years and the old wax is rendered down, usually in a solar extractor. That uses the heat from the sun to melt down the naturally produced wax.  She then filters and strains it until it is perfectly clean and ready to make your food wrap.  She even composts any cotton scraps created in the process of making the wraps!

The vegan-friendly wraps are made using 100% pure soy wax and cotton.

We’re really excited to be working with this local family business, based in Appleton.  Dan Sutcliffe is a dentist of 16 year’s experience and – as an active member of Plastic Free Warrington – he was keen to use his skills to reduce the packaging associated with dental care, whilst also creating products that are great for your dental hygiene.

We stock their beautifully designed bamboo toothbrushes, which come in a recyclable box and hygienic “eco-wrap”.  The only tough choice you will have to make is which colour bristle to go for: pink, green or blue?  Plus you don’t need to worry about getting them mixed up in the toothbrush pot!

Not content with creating stylish and effective toothbrushes, Dan has also tackled the excess packaging that comes with dental floss.  He has designed a plastic free floss dispenser – drastically cutting down on the plastic content of this everyday item.  Check out the product details for Dan’s tips on how to floss properly!

We are also stocking their lovely bamboo straws.  We all know that plastic straws are a menace, and it’s great that so many places have ditched plastic straws.  However, alternatives can sometimes be a bit, well, soggy.  We also prefer to reuse where possible and their straws really fit the bill.  In a handy bag of 6, they are easy to take with you and easy to clean. It makes them perfect for passing to the kids when out and about.  Or of course for your favourite cocktail or gin and tonic!

Ecoliving was set up by Jo, a working mum with two young children.  She could see that the world is in the midst of a global climate crisis—one that is impossible to ignore.  Having started with a reusable nappy network, Jo wanted to find other ways to reduce plastic use but could not find suitable products.  With a firm belief that, no matter what you are looking for, there is almost always an option that is comparable in price, equal or better in quality – and that doesn’t come at the expense of others or our planet – she took action.

In 2014, Ecoliving was created to support small independent companies, like ours, that shared Jo’s vision of sustainable living and bring you products that are sustainable, effective and accessible to all.  She was joined by her sister, Sarah, and they have a small team that encompass the family values that are at the core of their business.

Further, at Ecoliving, the Planet comes before Profit. Sustainability is at the core of what they do – from transparent and ethical sourcing, production, and distribution of products that truly deliver on social responsibility claims.  In 2020 they achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and are currently working to achieve certified B Corporation status.  Amongst other amazing projects, they have partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects, a global initiative to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year.

It’s great to be able to work with them and to stock some of their amazing products!

Superfly Soap®️ was formed by Lisa through a love of handmade soap and a frustration at the amount of single use plastics around her home.

​She cares about what goes into her body (most of the time anyway!) so wanted to create a range of products that she was happy to put on her body and Superfly Soap was born.  Small scale production takes place in her studio workshop in Kincardine, Central Scotland where she ensures quality, consistency and has lots of fun being a Soapologist! We have decided to stock Superfly Soap’s Dog Shampoo Bar and Paw & Nose Balm, as we know that you want your pooch to have a plastic free & eco-friendly experience too – both also get great reviews.

Lisa considers that sustainability isn’t just about avoiding plastics, and although she is proud to have been awarded Plastic Free Champion status by Surfers Against Sewage (as has The Refill Round!) she also strives to continually improve.  As a result, all her  products are all made using renewable energy and zero waste practices. Her aim is to make products that have the least environmental impact.  We’re really pleased to be able to support Lisa with this endeavour.