Julia Stansfield is the founder of The Refill Round and passionate about encouraging a zero-waste and plastic free lifestyle.

Committed to using eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, Julia often found it hard to source them and feels that the key to increasing use is to make them convenient and accessible for customers like Emma and her family. Says Emma:

“Our 2020 New Years’ Resolution was to replace all our home products with eco-friendly versions. This year we have taken it one step further by using The Refill Round and saving plastic too.  I really like everything we have tried so far, especially the laundry products and washing-up liquid. We’ve even tried replacing some toiletries on our last order. I can’t wait to test more products as the old ones run out.”

Testimonial from Emma, a regular Lymm customer.

As an active member of the Lymm community for many years, Julia has been involved a variety of charity projects, including through Lymm Ladies Circle and, in response to the Covd-19 crisis, a member of the admin team of the Leave No One Behind in Lymm group, which includes running the food box scheme. Julia is also part of Lymm Transition Village– a grassroots community project that has a vision of an environmentally friendly future for Lymm.  She is also an active litter picker, as part of Lymm Litter Network.  On 6th May 2021 she was elected as a Lymm Parish Councillor and is on the Environment Committee and the Council liaison with Keep Lymm Kleen.  She is also really proud to have been made a “Plastic Free Champion” by Plastic Free Lymm in 2020.

When not working, Julia loves being active and outdoors, whether practising yoga, wild swimming, planting trees, out on her bike, walking or camping. A committed veggie and aspiring vegan, she can often be found at her allotment with her husband Adam and his two daughters, endeavouring to wrestle a self-sufficient vegetarian lifestyle out of the ground and away from the slugs, rabbits, pigeons ….. Her & Adam’s self-sufficient ambitions are supported by a rescue hen (sadly there were two up until July 2021)  and by their two diva-like rare breed hens. Their cat, Kitty, does nothing at all to help in this ambition.  When confined indoors Julia continues her attempts to learn German, Adam’s native language.